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As promised arena matches. Any advice is welcome by the way, still trying to improve all i can.

Finishing rendering a 3v3movie, Road to Pridefull Conquest, the comp i have been using is HPM (Hunter/Priest/Monk), so far we are still learning how to play together, and finishing gearing ourselves, but the synergy of the group comp seems good.

Will change this post when the videos finishes, but here is the thumbnail as a teaser.
Ok, normally i don't do this but i think this guy (Tosan) with his monk (Galaxyfist) launched a YouTube video of his arenas matches where he reaches 2600 rating, which some people said that it was simply not doable for a WindWalker Monk, things like these should be praise and looked at, so we can take advice and pointers from it.

Here is the movie if you want to see it.

This is just a basic guide that i got from Lightbull, and also things personal experience, and so to help you get around the Monk's abilities, and to discuss play styles.

So let's get started.

Lvl 15: Tiger's Lust
Lvl 30: Chi Wave
Lvl 45: Ascension / Power-Strikes (Playstyle choice)
Lvl 60: Deadly Reach (long range Paralysis) or Leg Sweep (AoE 5 sec stun)
Lvl 75: Dampen Harm (melee) or Diffuse Magic (casters)
Lvl 90: Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger

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