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Good Morning everyone.

Today's news:

 Monk (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)

  • Windwalker
  • Brewing: Tigereye Brew now gains 1 charge after spending 3 Chi (was 4 Chi), increases damage by 1% per stack (was 2%), can stack to 20 but only 10 charges can be consumed per activation, and a user interface alert displays upon reaching 10 charges. Stacks of Tigereye Brew are cleared at the start of a raid encounter. This ability is improved by Bottled Fury.

Well i can't say i wasnt expecting this, since on the ptr's everyone was saying that monks had an insane burst now when this new mastery cames into play.

Yesterday i went to HoF and we are on Wind Lord.

--- Start Rant ---

Why can't some people watch out where they step and where they place the bombs ARGH!!!
--Rant Over---

we just didn't get the kill at one point because of that, bah, the fight if you want to see it and comment or give any advice is on my twitch channel:

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