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Yesterday i was trying to solo Morchok, but girlfriend internet refused to cooperate, and THOSE DAMN STUMPS!!!! argh!!, but that guy is on my to do list. As well as the hole DS raid.

Check the trys on this link:

Or the video itself (shamefull try's lol).

Watch live video from spykermonk on TwitchTV
Hey everyone!!!

Today i will talk to you about Monks in RBG's

Yes that thing that you are either healer or the groups look at you somewhat worried that they will have to carry you.

What i am saying is that, the niche for Windwalker's (DPS) and even Brewmaster's (Tank/Flag carrier), is somewhat viewed with less then perfect spot filler.

Apart from all the Squishiness Brewmaster Monk's have, they can take quite a beating, if played properly, and better they can avoid such damage with spell like transcendance (teleport just like the lock's)

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