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So guys i have been farming bg's for gear and practice with my windwalker monk, and i have to say, i definitly must have a target on my back or a sign saying nuke me now!!! because, and this happened in a bg today, there was me the WW monk and an elemental Shaman that was just chain lighting the horde team to the moon, guess who 4 of hordes went straight at!!! Yes that's right me. 

This has is happening on a regular basis in bg's.

And you guys, what are your monk storys in pvp, do you feel the same?

I will try to gather some good footage from pvp, and will definitly work on my macros, has i feel that some thing can be tossed toghether, for better results.

See you soon.
Hey guys, during my leveling, i have been wondering if i needed to go back to the windwalker monk stats at level 90, now that monks all over the world are getting there.

So here it is.

Stat Priority

Agility > Melee Hit (7.5%) > Expertise (7.5%) > Haste > Crit > Mastery

check below for more info
So Mist of Pandaria hit our homes yesterday night, i have been leveling my Monk Spyker, as fast as a i can, with the interruptions of sleep, IRL job and other situations (bah they don't let us play games all the time now). Anyway just an update on how Spyker is leveling up, hope that by before the weekend im level 85 at least.

About the windwalker spec, well to me so far it seems extremelly fluid, i have to say it suits my playstyle, also about the other monks i have seen around i noticed something that bothers me, i have been using zen sphere in dungeons because, well it deals damage and if it is passive damage and helps me kill mobs then why not use it.
I know that at low level stuff takes too hits and dies, but in dungeons everyone is pulling huge packs of mobs more then they should sometimes, and i have prevented a few wipes with my zen sphere up and cooldown usage of Expel harm.

Spyker windwalker monk
How is your monk comming along, have you encountered other situations like this?
Hey guys, will be starting doing things on youtube, here is the first one, sorry about anything you might not like, i promise i'll get the hang of it, any tips advices will be welcome, like i you do like, and subscribe.

The Windwalker Monk works with Energy and Chi.

This resource should never be maxed out, this means you are'nt outputting the max damage/utility that you could.

One Rotation cycle should look like this.
Windwalker monk cycle rotation image

Why blizzard, why the nerfs???

Guess those mages were complaining, oh well, still alot of other stuff to use.

Also, Mists of Pandaria Beta - Build 16016
A new beta build will be deployed on beta realms soon.
Hey all

Today for you i have the monks sets, the T14, the challenge set and the pvp set.

Tier 14

Hey guys, haven't been posting alot on the blog and been digging around forums and stuff around, and found something on mmo-champion that seems to be really relevant for monk leveling before and after the release.

Kudus to Schaden(mmo-champion account name) for getting this up.


Updated at : HERE

The guys at have been through beta and analysed the monk abilites related to the windwalker, this is still in beta and is not final, so bear in mind nothing is written in stone yet, but still let's take a look at it.

Gear and weapons: primarily agility leather (with a 5% agility bonus if all 8 pieces are leather). All monks can dual wield one-handers (all kinds but daggers) and can also equip staves and polearms. Weapon choice has an effect on a couple spells: Fighting Style which morphs Jab into another abilities (only cosmetic or rp-flavored) and Way of the Monk which currently does the same for every kind of weapon but it may serve as a balance lever in the future. It's unclear to me which weapons will be the best choice for a dps monk, but it's worth noting that, if all other things are equal, dual wielding tends to edge out.
So the Beta keeps rolling, and data keeps coming up, blizz just tweeked a few things, but for the monk and th windwalker spec nothing changed.

Still, here they are.

  • Blackout Kick: Kick with a blast of sha energy, causing (11.6+5.4*Level) Physical damage to an enemy target. Only usable on targets at or below 35% health. If the target is killed by Blackout Kick, you are refunded 1 Force. (2 Chi, Instant cast, 3 sec cooldown)
  • Crackling Jade Lightning: Channels Jade lightning at the target, causing 1674 Nature damage over 6 sec. If the enemy attacks you within melee range while victim to Crackling Jade Lightning, they are knocked back a short distance. (Instant, Channeled, 8 second cooldown)
  • Detox: Eliminates ailments from the friendly target, removing all harmful Poison and Bleed effects. (Instant, 8 second cooldown) 
Now that the beta is going underway im getting all my heirloom gear encanted, a few pots and foods for the buffs ready to go, this is what i am doing.

What are you planning to do? Or are you taking your time? Write in the comments bellow.
There you go guys Detailed view of monk Class Talents and Spec enjoy.

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