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So you finished the first 4 bosses of Siege of Ogrimmar, and you are just of the harbour, and you are about to start the Galakras fight (cool looking mount might i add) so lets check this fight.

So beneficial talents for this fight are:

Tiger's Lust                  Diffuse Magic                 Invoque Xuen, The white Tiger
Tiger's Lust is just my personal favority movement talent not much to add.

Most, if not all of your cooldowns, must be used during seismic activity and before a pulse.

With the damage from activity and the pulse, you'll save yourself more times than you can count. 

Obviously don't pop them all for each activity and pulse, but only if you think it will save your life, or if healers need help. Also use Tiger's Lust when targeted by a cutter as well as roll, avoiding all tar.

I choose to use Xuen in this fight because it is a single target fight. But i am looking at and testing RJW as a single target dmg dealer, for the simple fact of the uptime it has in comparison to Xuen.

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