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Let's get this started. Heroic modes Tips and tricks For THE FALLEN PROTECTORS HC.

Immerseus hc mode raid pve

Let's get this started. Heroic modes Tips and tricks For IMMERSEUS HC.

This is a punishing fight for melees, but we can make it work, let's break it down then.

Talents that i use for this fight.

Tiger's Lust for mobillty on demand, getting out of oozes and what not.

Chi wave because of its healing/damage component and short cd already making it a part of my rotation.

Ring of piece because bosses are affected by disarms.

Diffuse magic well as a damage dealer your only source of harmful damage is mage and anything to mitigate it, is good.

Rushing Jade wind, due to it's low cd and because i like to send a clone to the oozes and do some AOE on them with this ability.

Now to the fight itself.

IMPORTANT:The Dark Shamans are susceptible to Grapple Weapon, which not only decreases their melee damage but also increases the performance of the monk who used it. It essentially becomes a DPS cooldown, increasing your damage dealt by 5% for 8 seconds on a 60 second cooldown.

  • If targeted for Ashen Wall or Foul Stream, always aim it away from your raid, and away from the kiting path of the bosses.
  • Touch of Karma during Geyser if you wish to stand in it, roll away if not.
  • Stoneskin as needed, and Diffuse Magic works well with Toxic Mist.
  • Kill the boss at all costs, range will kill the adds.

ATTENTION:One thing to note for all cloak users, if you aim near the adds at all during a cloak proc, you can get aggro and they will come to you and kill you if you do not notice that they aggro'd to you.

(Heroic tactics)

On this boss i have the worse advice ever, CLONES, CLONES EVERYWHERE!!!

Ok now that is behind us, let's see, the fight step by step.

My guild normally starts on Rook, with this you get your clones on He, and on Sun.

When we get Rooks at 66% and he starts his phase of desperate measures, is where it shows if you are fast on your monk fingers, put your clones on the last adds to die, normally this means, clones on the melee adds and you on the caster add.

When Rooks Phase is done and he returns, this time your clones are going in diferente targets.

The targets for the clones are Rook and Sun, this is because we will be hitting Hee, and when his phase starts a new add will show up and you are free to hit him if he targets you, use touch of karma do deliver the damage back to him.

So, now Hee and Rook are out of the way, it is Sun time, place your clones on Rook and Hee, and nuke Sun till her phase, she will disappear, and everyone including tanks should be in the middle to kill adds right, this is where the huge damage will appear, we have a awesome talent for aoe, remember guys, Rushing Jade Wind.  So Sun moves away, and what you have to do is target one of the big adds, and continue your rotation, but incorporate RJW, evertime it is off cooldown.

Your dps will sky rocket.
Yes i know, the fight is supposed to be one target at the time, but well, one monk doing it wonk make a diference.

After the all he phases are done, rinse and repeat, also everytime 2 bosses/adds are toghether use RJW.

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