A brand new day

Good tuesday to you all.

So yesterday the NDA was lifted and the press-tour came out.
Alot has already been given out at Blizzcon, during their presentation, when they revealed MoP so far nothing really out of the ordinary.

One thing that is said over and over and is really catching my eye is, the encouragement of World PvP, and they went furthe with the implementation of things like:

  • World PvP may be encouraged by rewards such as raising the Conquest Points cap when .

This is really good, before to iniciate world pvp it would be either "Npc harassing", going to places like Baradin Hold /Wintergrasp or raiding an enemy city. You had also places like Molten Front where it would litteraly be a powder keg waiting to explode if 3 or 4 people started to take take "mathers into their own hands", i was killed a few times there by faction enemy players, and killed alot more there, so it was always fun.
What's your place of choice for World PvP, do you wait for special holidays, or wait near specificy points like daily quests areas, or quest givers?
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