Windwalker Monk PvP Guide

This is just a basic guide that i got from Lightbull, and also things personal experience, and so to help you get around the Monk's abilities, and to discuss play styles.

So let's get started.

Lvl 15: Tiger's Lust
Lvl 30: Chi Wave
Lvl 45: Ascension / Power-Strikes (Playstyle choice)
Lvl 60: Deadly Reach (long range Paralysis) or Leg Sweep (AoE 5 sec stun)
Lvl 75: Dampen Harm (melee) or Diffuse Magic (casters)
Lvl 90: Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger


You should never need to use anything other than Xuen as Windwalker.

Plus you won't believe how amazing Diffuse Magic is against a Fire Mages Combustion.

Glyph of Sparring
Glyph of Touch of Karma
Glyph of Touch of Death/Zen Meditation

Sparring having a 15% chance to completely negate a spell is amazing. Mages get real pissed when I block their Deep Freezes or Combustions.

Melee range Touch of Karma hurts against casters, so you need the glyph.

Touch of Death is a good glyph if you need the kill and you have no Chi to spend. The longer cooldown won't matter once the player is dead. Zen Meditation is good for predictable incoming caster damage, the ability to move while casting it makes it even better.

Your choice, but avoid using Glyph of Flying Serpent Kick. This can be used as an escape spell as well, if it cancels while you're trying to get away, you're gonna have a bad time.

Stat Priority:
Expertise (3% soft cap) >= Melee hit (3%) > PvP Resilience > PvP Power > Crit > Agility > Haste > Mastery

The reason Crit is ahead of Agility is because most players will be using PvP Power to increase damage, and you get more Crit by stacking Crit, not Agility. You NEED that crit chance in order to get your big Rising Sun Kick crits.
Haste increases your auto attack speed, meaning more Tiger Strikes procs and faster Tiger Strikes damage. Also gives faster Energy regeneration, meaning faster Chi generation.
Mastery procs free Tiger Palms or Blackout Kicks, which is always nice when you're saving Chi for Rising Sun Kick/Chi Wave/Fists of Fury/Touch of Karma, however Haste and Crit are much more beneficial.

Gems and Enchants:
Meta slot: Agile Primal Diamond (+216 Agility and 3% extra Critical chance) OR Impassive Primal Diamond (+432 Critical Strike chance and Fear Duration Reduced by 10%)
Red slots: Lucent Vermilion Onyx (+80 Agility and +160 PvP Resilience)
Yellow slots: Mystic Sun's Radiance (+320 PvP Resilience)
Blue slots: Vivid Wild Jade (+160 PvP Power and +160 PvP Resilience) OR Radiant Wild Jade (+160 Critical Strike chance and +160 PvP Power)
Prismatic slots: Mystic Sun's Radiance (+320 PvP Resilience)

Shoulders: Greater Tiger Claw Inscription (+200 Agility and +100 Critical chance)
Cloak: Enchant Cloak - Superior Critical Strike (+180 Critical chance)
Chest: Enchant Chest - Super Resilience (+200 PvP Resilience)
Bracers: Enchant Bracers - Greater Agility (+170 Agility)
Gloves: Enchant Gloves - Greater Haste (+170 Haste)
Belt: Living Steel Belt Buckle (extra Prismatic gem slot)
Legs: Shadowleather Leg Armor (+285 Agility and +165 Critical chance)
Boots: Enchant Boots - Blurred Speed (+140 Agility and 8% increased run speed)
Weapon(s): Enchant Weapon - Dancing Steel (+1650 Agility when procced) OR Enchant Weapon -Windsong (Crit/Mastery/Haste buff on proc, which is very often)

I've seen a few Monks out there that use Living Steel Weapon Chain on their weapon, this is useful, but not recommended in the long run. You can still CC just as effectively without your weapon, your damage will just take a spiky drop for 8 seconds.

Dual Wield or Two-Hander?
Dual Wielding is the best choice. Your abilities hit harder by about 5-6k damage, and your auto attack damage is increased by 40%, meaning faster Tiger Strikes procs and delivery.

Typical Attack Priority:
- Expel Harm/Jab (Chi generation)
- Tiger Palm (keep up the debuff)
- Tigereye Brew (at 10 stacks)
- Rising Sun Kick (damage bonus and healing reduction)
- Blackout Kick

Expel Harm is best used when you aren't at full health, or when you are out of range of your target for Jab. Otherwise, use Jab.

Tiger Palm is a decently damaging spell, but Blackout Kick hits a lot harder. Only use this when the debuff is down or just about to fade.

Tigereye Brew is not meant to be a burst ability, as it takes time to stack. You should use this whenever you have 10 stacks and able to put out a decent amount of pressure.

Rising Sun Kick is your most powerful attack, hitting for 60 - 80k outside of cooldowns, and over 100k with cooldowns. Use this on cooldown to blast an opponent and increase your damage for a few seconds.

Blackout Kick hits hard, but not as hard as Rising Sun Kick. About 50k crits without cooldowns, and 70k with cooldowns. Hits the target for extra damage in a DoT if you are behind the enemy, and heals you if you are in front of the enemy.

Fists of Fury shouldn't be used as a damage spell in arenas. It is a very damaging ability, but sometimes you want to use the stun for utility.

Tips and Tricks:

- Use Fists of Fury wisely. If timed correctly it can mean the difference between a dead healer or an alive healer. If you have 5 Chi, you can pop cooldowns on an unsuspecting healer with half health, blow Fists of Fury, the Leg Sweep followed by a heavy Rising Sun Crit that can be lethal.

- Chi Wave shouldn't be used as a damage spell. It's healing component can save lives. When you have the Chi, you can launch this towards the melee attacking your teammate, then bounce between the 2 every half second for 30k healing and extra pressure.

- In arenas, if you see a Fire Mage, spec Diffuse Magic before the battle. If the Fire Mage uses all his cooldowns, crits Pyroblast and Combusts you, use Diffuse Magic. This will send ALL his DoTs flying straight back to him.This can also work with some Affliction Warlock or Shadow Priest DoTs. Also, the ability to unfreeze yourself against a Frost Mage and freeze him instead is very nice for your uptime. However, it only deflects spells when it's activated, not for the entire duration.

-When entering an arena, a few comps won't make a rush move, giving you enough time to place a transcendance portal and 3 healing spheres, for a clutch escape, with a healing component (if they allow you to set this up ofcourse).

Burst Macro and Rotation:
#showtooltip Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger
/use (DPS Trinket)
/cast Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger

It's important to macro your DPS trinket before using Xuen, because Xuen's damage scales with your own stats.

Try to have 5 Chi, and a full pool of energy (or Energizing Brew) before you burst.

/castsequence reset=4 Rising Sun Kick,Touch of Death

This macro will change your Rising Sun Kick to Touch of Death while it is on cd.

Burst Rotation:
Rising Sun Kick > Blackout Kick when you Jab/Expel Harm for more Chi.

You can slip in Fists of Fury to make sure the opponent is stunned during your burst, or you can use Leg Sweep if you have it available to force a trinket.

Note that your healing with Expel Harm and Chi Wave is increased by quite a bit while your DPS Trinket up. You can save a few lives with this spell while bursting. Xuen does nice damage, but he can be rooted/CCed by random Frost Novas/AoE stuns. He does have his own built in root removal, and the ability to leap directly onto his target.

This guide is still unfinished!

This Guide was made by Lightbull: awesome props to him for this work.
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