Norudshen Tips and tricks for Windwalker Monks

(HC tactics for monk)

So, you killed Immerseus and The Fallen protectors, and you just went thru some trash, now you get to the Norushen fight, where you actually fight the an Amalgamation of corruption.

Let's see, a fight with adds that sometimes get clumped up, happens more at 25-man: Check
A phase where you need to kill 5adds : Check
Magic (shadow damage): Check

So talents for this fight are:

 Tiger's Lust               Diffuse Magic         Rushing Jade Wind(Personal choice)

Why these talents, well this fight has alot of movement if you are on add duty, so moving from adds across the map with Tiger's Lust is a breeze.

Diffuse Magic helps negate the magic damage from the orbs that need to be soaked.

RJW is amazing when you have 2 adds next to each other and you have you clone on both of them, with RJW up and you doing damage on them, if they go down fast, this way, it is even faster.

For monks this figh consists either staying on boss and throwing clones on adds (lazy way), or the Right way, that depending on the uptime of adds during the fight might boost the dps of the ww monk.

Which is leaving a clone at the boss, and doing the most damage you can on the adds, this way, you will always be on the boss, and will still get rid of the adds.


Also, use Karma when the raid is stacked. This helps healers out tremendously. Stoneskin is used based off of when you think it's needed. Zen meditation would also be recommended during the stack. Other than that, unless you're a designated DPS for the test realm, your job is to kill adds.
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