Road to level 90 - part 6 Levels 61 to 90

Source from the awesome wowinsider props to them:

Levels 61 to 90

New ability gain slows even more here as you get out of the Old World and into expansion content. Level 64 unlocks your next two abilities: Healing Sphere and Path of Blossoms. Healing Sphere allows you to deliberately place one of those little green spheres you've been seeing for a while now, to heal yourself or a party member. It's got a pretty hefty energy cost, but if you see a bad fight coming up, you can set up a fall-back point with three spheres to get a near-full heal. Path of Blossoms, meanwhile, isn't all that helpful. It sounds cool in theory (landmines!), but they don't last long enough to be pre-placed, so you'll only be using it in the event you need to run away from something.

Level 68 opens what might be considered our final utility spell, Grapple Weapon. It's essentially a ranged disarm with a chance to get a small buff. Handy, but likely not too useful except in PvP.

After that, you have another long wait until 75, when you get your fifth talent choice. All of these are defensive/healing abilities, so they're very situational. In general, I'd recommend Diffuse Magic as a self-dispel/magic damage reducer. Dampen Harm sounds good, but you (hopefully) won't be taking too many physical hits for more than 10% of your HP from quest mobs and such. You'll also have a third glyph choice here, though nothing is particularly compelling.

Level 80 heralds the last rotation-changer you get. You'll unlock your mastery, Combo Breaker, which will occasionally grant you a free Tiger Palm or Blackout Kick after a Jab. Like with Energizing Brew, this is one of those skills that you won't appreciate as much while questing but really becomes useful once you participate in a sustained fight. Immediately following this, you'll pick up the last windwalker-specific ability, Legacy of the White Tiger, which is a 5% crit buff for you and your group.

Home stretch! Level 82 opens Zen Meditation, which is potentially a very powerful group/raid cooldown. (I say potentially, because it all depends on which spells it affects or doesn't affect. At least, you'll get some damage reduction out of it.) At 87, you'll unlock Transcendence, which is a short-range teleport similar to a warlock's Demonic Circle. Finally, 90 will grant you your final tier of talent choices. Chi Torpedo is a bit weak at the moment, so your best bet will be Xuen for a single-target fight, or Rushing Jade Wind for multiple targets.
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