Windwalker monk Rotation

The Windwalker Monk works with Energy and Chi.

This resource should never be maxed out, this means you are'nt outputting the max damage/utility that you could.

One Rotation cycle should look like this.
Windwalker monk cycle rotation image

Lets take a look at Mastery Combo Breaker Icon Combo Breaker. It interacts with 3 of your main spells, by giving you a chance, each time you use Jab Icon Jab, to proc a cost-free Blackout Kick Icon Blackout Kick or Tiger Palm Icon Tiger Palm. Each of the two spells has a different proc, and they can both proc at once. The only thing to note here is that you should make sure to use the proc(s) before using Jab again, so that, in the event of a new proc, the old one does not go to waste.

Single-Target Rotation

You should always be in Stance of the Fierce Tiger Icon Stance of the Fierce Tiger when doing DPS as a Windwalker Monk. This increases the damage you deal by 20%, and causes Jab Icon Jab and Expel Harm Icon Expel Harm to generate 1 additional Chi.
The Windwalker DPS rotation is centered around spending Energy to generate Chi, and spending that Chi on your most damaging abilities. As part of your rotation, you must also keep in mind a few side-mechanics (debuffs, self-buffs) of your spells.
You will be using Jab Icon Jab regularly to generate Chi for your other abilities. You should use it often enough that your Energy does not reach maximum capacity. The Chi you gain in this way should be used as follows:
  1. Keep Zen Sphere Icon Zen Sphere up. This will cost you 2 Chi every 16 seconds.
  2. Use Rising Sun Kick Icon Rising Sun Kick on cooldown. This is your most damaging spell. It costs 2 Chi and has an 8 second cooldown. It also applies a debuff to the target, increasing all damage it takes from your attacks by 10% for 15 seconds.
  3. Use Tiger Palm Icon Tiger Palm to spend excess Chi. By doing this, you will also be keeping up 3 stacks of the self-buff it applies, which causes you to bypass 15% of the target's armor.
  4. Use Tiger Palm and Blackout Kick Icon Blackout Kick whenever you benefit from a proc from your Mastery (making them free of Chi cost).
You have several other damaging abilities in your arsenal, however it does not appear that they are efficient to use as part of your rotation.
The only notable exception is Expel Harm Icon Expel Harm, which acts a self-heal and damaging spell. It has no cost, a 15 second cooldown and it generates 2 Chi. The damaging portion of it seems to be on par with other spells that use up a global cooldown, making it possibly useful during fights. The damage you deal is conditional on the self-healing not being an over-heal, so it is most likely only going to be usable when you are not already topped off. More testing is required.


As a Windwalker Monk, you only have 3 (possibly 4, depending on the talents you chose) DPS cooldowns:
  1. Energizing Brew Icon Energizing Brew, which regenerates 60 energy over 6 seconds, on a 1 minute cooldown. You will want to use this on cooldown, assuming that you are able to keep spending your energy so that it does not reach maximum capacity.
  2. Tigereye Brew Icon Tigereye Brew, which allows you to consume all the stacks of Brewering: Tigereye Brew Icon Brewing: Tigereye Brew that you have, increasing your damage done by 2% per stack for 15 seconds. You gain 1 stack of Tigereye Brew each time you spend 4 Chi. You can have a maximum of 10 stacks, and the buff lasts 2 minutes (allowing you to easily pool stacks). During normal rotation, it takes you about 90 seconds to reach 10 stacks. You should use Tigereye Brew as many times as possible during the fight, whenever you need the extra burst.
  3. Touch of Death Icon Touch of Death, which is a single attack ability that instantly kills the target if it has equal or less health than you. We list this as a cooldown since it is not part of your rotation, likely only being usable once during a boss fight. For the purpose of this spell, actual health is considered (not percentage health, and certainly not maximum health). We imagine that in a raid environment, it will be very hard to land this spell in the time the boss spends between 300,000 health and 0 health. It costs 3 Chi, but there is a glyph that removes the cost entirely.
  4. Chi Brew Icon Chi Brew (only if talented), which regenerates all of your Chi, on a 1 minute and 30 second cooldown. It should be used on cooldown, when you have 0 or 1 Chi.

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