So Finally Warlords of Draenor went into alpha testing phase

Here are the relevant information for us WindWalker Monks

Level-100 Talents and Draenor Perks
A new row of talents has been added for level 100. For testing purposes, these are currently accessible at level 90.

Draenor Perks is a new feature that adds rewards for leveling. Over levels 91 to 99, you will earn these 9 new Draenor Perk in a random order. Each class and specialization has a different set of 9 Draenor Perks.

  • Level-100 talents have been added for all classes!
  • Draenor Perks have been added for all classes, earned from levels 91 to 99.

Blizzard is at it again, quite fun to be honest.

 Monk (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
  • Due to ratings concerns, all references to “brew” have been replaced with “giggle juice.”
  • The amount healed by Healing Sphere has been increased by 1000%, because RUN OVER THE HEALING SPHERES.
  • Blackout Kick now causes the victim to wake up the next day and question their life choices.
  • Legacy of the White Tiger critical strike chance is now increased by 10% for all characters with green eyes.
  • Detox now sends instructions to the target about this new diet you’ve been reading about.
Hey everyone, i haven't been posting much WoW content, well because i have been busy building my "company" and starting all freelancing routines (if you guys need anything don't be shy and contact me, we might work something out).

Besides that, i have been spending a couple of hours here and there, in Diablo3 for example.
with my crusader at level 29.

At first it felt somewhat lacking in the power department, but now it just wreck stuff left and right. Loving it so far.

Besides that i have been doing a few games on League of Legends, and really getting the hang of a few champions like.
        Nasus                   Morgana                      Amumu                   Kayle

That is all, i might be streaming some D3 or LoL a game here and there and also with the occasional DOTA2

Be nice and stay safe.
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