Finally lvl 68, heading straight to Northrend going with the 50% plus xp buff. Stay tuned for more.

Hey guys, during my leveling, i have been wondering if i needed to go back to the windwalker monk stats at level 90, now that monks all over the world are getting there.

So here it is.

Stat Priority

Agility > Melee Hit (7.5%) > Expertise (7.5%) > Haste > Crit > Mastery

check below for more info
So Mist of Pandaria hit our homes yesterday night, i have been leveling my Monk Spyker, as fast as a i can, with the interruptions of sleep, IRL job and other situations (bah they don't let us play games all the time now). Anyway just an update on how Spyker is leveling up, hope that by before the weekend im level 85 at least.

About the windwalker spec, well to me so far it seems extremelly fluid, i have to say it suits my playstyle, also about the other monks i have seen around i noticed something that bothers me, i have been using zen sphere in dungeons because, well it deals damage and if it is passive damage and helps me kill mobs then why not use it.
I know that at low level stuff takes too hits and dies, but in dungeons everyone is pulling huge packs of mobs more then they should sometimes, and i have prevented a few wipes with my zen sphere up and cooldown usage of Expel harm.

Spyker windwalker monk
How is your monk comming along, have you encountered other situations like this?
Minutes before MoP hits, my guild decided to do something, well, we got a new base in Tol barad, check it for yourself.

Recent news guys, just activated my Mist of Pandaria expansion, and i am affilliated with they trully deliver their service on time, and i had some answers which were responded in 5 minutes top, for example a code i recieved when it was scanned the letters were crooped, i asked them if they could fix it, well in 2 minutes i got the response and a new image from the code cristal clear. Only for Europe by the way. Awesome prices also.

Hey everyone, i just have been talking to my guild (Celebrïty), and probably during this weekend we will go for the first raid to Ogrimmar in Mist of Pandaria xpac, fun times and alot of world pvp is coming.

Hey guys, will be starting doing things on youtube, here is the first one, sorry about anything you might not like, i promise i'll get the hang of it, any tips advices will be welcome, like i you do like, and subscribe.

The Windwalker Monk works with Energy and Chi.

This resource should never be maxed out, this means you are'nt outputting the max damage/utility that you could.

One Rotation cycle should look like this.
Windwalker monk cycle rotation image

Pre-raid gear for monk
Pre-raid gear, selection
Hey guys today i bring you the pre-raid gear that monks that was found through digging wowhead database.
Cheers for MisterSoup(mmo-champion), for gathering this info.

Weapons Mist of Pandaria
Post updated to patch 5.4(click here)

Today’s topic is somewhat of a grey area, at least for me.

WEAPON’s, to dualwield or to 2hander.

Weapon choice has an effect on a couple spells: Fighting Style which morphs Jab into another abilities (only cosmetic or rp-flavored) and Way of the Monk.

The only thing that interests us here is the Way of the monk which when you dual wield will boost in 40% your auto attack, and when you use a 2hander it will increase your melee attack speed in 40%.

Source from the awesome wowinsider props to them:

Levels 61 to 90

New ability gain slows even more here as you get out of the Old World and into expansion content. Level 64 unlocks your next two abilities: Healing Sphere and Path of Blossoms. Healing Sphere allows you to deliberately place one of those little green spheres you've been seeing for a while now, to heal yourself or a party member. It's got a pretty hefty energy cost, but if you see a bad fight coming up, you can set up a fall-back point with three spheres to get a near-full heal. Path of Blossoms, meanwhile, isn't all that helpful. It sounds cool in theory (landmines!), but they don't last long enough to be pre-placed, so you'll only be using it in the event you need to run away from something.

Source from the awesome wowinsider props to them:

Levels 46 to 60
Your first ability for this set of levels is quite handy for dungeons: Spinning Crane Kick. Now you have the beginnings of an AoE rotation! Just remember that it will only generate chi if you have three or more targets, so stick to a single-target rotation if there are two.

Source from the awesome wowinsider props to them:

Levels 31 to 45 

For this set of levels, there's not too much going on for windwalkers. You've already received the majority of your core moveset, so now you'll be picking up a bit of utility. (I neglected to mention last week that you unlock your first glyph slot at level 25. I recommend picking up the
Glyph of Afterlife for leveling, to help minimize your downtime.) At 32, you'll get Spear Hand Strike, which is a standard interrupt with a nice all-schools lockout bonus for PvP. Following that, you'll get Energizing Brew at level 36.

Source from the awesome wowinsider (props to them):

Levels 21 to 30

First up, you'll receive two more baseline abilities,
Legacy of the Emperor, which is a buff identical to a paladin's Blessing of Kings, and Touch of Death. ToD is very cool because it allows you to instakill an enemy with lower health than you; the downside is it requires 3 chi, which typically means you'll have already half-killed an enemy by the time you can use it. Still fun, though, especially because it also interacts with your level 24 ability, Fortifying Brew. While Fortifying Brew is designed to be used as an "oh, crap" damage reduction ability, its 20% health buff pushes the Touch of Death threshold just a bit higher.

You'll also get another Touch ability here that's a windwalker exclusive,
Touch of Karma. This is sort of like warriors' Spell Reflection, but way better; this reflects all damage you take for 10 seconds. Now, good PvPers will quickly learn to recognize the spell effect and back off, but you're about to ruin XxPwnYrFcexX's day, which is perfectly fine with me.

Rounding out the baseline abilities, you'll pick up
Expel Harm at level 26. This ability should instantly hit your bars, because it heals you for a decent amount, does that amount of damage to an enemy target, and generates chi. One thing to note, though, is that it has to heal you to do damage, but it will still generate chi regardless. You'll also pick up Afterlife here, a simple passive that causes healing or chi spheres to occasionally proc when you kill an enemy. Finally, you get Disable at level 28, which is essentially the monk's version of Hamstring. (Yes, they stole Improved Hamstring from warriors, too.)

At last, you'll reach level 30. You'll get
dual spec here, so if windwalker's getting boring, feel free to try one of the other specs for a while. While this milestone doesn't come with any new abilities, you'll open up your second tier of talents, which are all skills that combine damage and healing. While I love Chi Burst's visual effect, Zen Sphere is your best bet for solo questing, since it lets you turn excess chi into healing on the move.
leveling Monk 11 to 20

Source from the awesome wowinsider (props to them):

Levels 11 to 20
For this tier, you'll still have lots of baseline abilities to get. At level 14, you'll receive
Provoke, which is the monk's taunt ability. Even though all specs receive it, you'll likely only use this in desperate situations as a non-brewmaster, since the increased speed the enemy receives makes "taunt kiting" very difficult. Then at 15, you'll have your first talent choice, all of which involve movement in some way. For leveling, my personal preference is Momentum to shorten walk times, but Celerity is good as well.

Source from the awesome wowinsider (props to them):

First Steps: Levels 1-10

Like all classes, you don't start out with much. Your only usable ability will be Jab, which is your basic attack that generates chi. Your basic auto-attacks will likely do a lot more damage than Jab at first; don't fret. You'll also have Stance of the Fierce Tiger, which will cause your Jab to generate extra chi, which you won't have any use for at first. Finally, you'll have several passive abilities, the most noticeable being Tiger Strikes. This proc gives you (essentially) +50% melee attack speed and +100% melee damage for your next four swings, which means whatever you're fighting will die very quickly.

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