Here it is the first of the solo series, had a few issues with Sony vegas, but i think it's working fine now.

After my shamefull try on Morchok, i decided to make a solo series, will start with ICC raids, Which one, do you guys want to see first from The Frozen Throne Expansion.
Yesterday i was trying to solo Morchok, but girlfriend internet refused to cooperate, and THOSE DAMN STUMPS!!!! argh!!, but that guy is on my to do list. As well as the hole DS raid.

Check the trys on this link:

Or the video itself (shamefull try's lol).

Watch live video from spykermonk on TwitchTV
Just a quick post, wednesday night, will be streaming Windwalker Monk raiding, still don't know which raid it will be (officers are deciding that), but there will be raid.

And let's hope our tanks show up, don't feel like going Brewmaster that night xD

Hey everyone latest Monk News.

Meh, i guess it could be worse. 
And also.

  • Brewing: Tigereye Brew now gains a charge per 3 Chi used, up from 2.
  • Storm, Earth, and Fire is now a Windwalker spell. Now costs 10 Energy. The Monk splits, summoning an elemental spirit to attack the target. The Monk can split into up to 2 elemental spirits at a time. The spirits will attack their targets and mirror your damaging abilities. However, for each elemental spirit summoned the Monk's own damage will be reduced. 1 Spirit Summoned - Monk and spirit deal 60% of the Monk's normal damage. 2 Spirits Summoned - Monk and spirits deal 40% of the Monk's normal damage. The elemental spirits will last until the Monk cancels the effect or their target dies or is otherwise unavailable.

Finally i got around it, and yesterday started streaming on , check it, follow it, and ask anything you wan't about WindWalker monk. =) stay tuned, for stream times.

Spyker stream windwalker monk

I have been thinking of doing a new Monk, now that i have a better knowledge of the Monk itself, and how to play it, and finally i did it. This time Horde Side.
Also big Thanks for the guys in the Deep Blue guild for having me.

A gift for you guys, a WallPaper for the Monk Community.

Windwalker monk Spyker wallpaper

Cya tomorrow, need to work on the 4gigs of 2v2arenas that i have (damn you slow computer).
Here it is guys the battleground of the day for you.

Hey everyone.

These last couple of days i haven't been able to play so i have been following closely the EU and US forums, and to be honest if i had to find a picture to represent what they look like, in relation to the monk changes, it would be this one.

QQ monk changes 5.2.
 Yep that's what is all about on the blizzard World of warcraft forums, some people go to the extend of saying, i don't know the monk class very well, but they are op and should be nerfed to the ground.

Well, instead of looking at this with a "defending my class" look, how about actually giving some solutions, for example:

Tiger eye Brew - for windwalkers that now works with mastery well, i has a percentage, this one is easy, tweak the percentages not much to see here.
Hey everyone!!!

Today i will talk to you about Monks in RBG's

Yes that thing that you are either healer or the groups look at you somewhat worried that they will have to carry you.

What i am saying is that, the niche for Windwalker's (DPS) and even Brewmaster's (Tank/Flag carrier), is somewhat viewed with less then perfect spot filler.

Apart from all the Squishiness Brewmaster Monk's have, they can take quite a beating, if played properly, and better they can avoid such damage with spell like transcendance (teleport just like the lock's)

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